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Time for some Christmas music

It’s that time of year again to start listening to Christmas music. First up is the soundtrack from A Charlie Brown Christmas. This is one of my favorites.

Now, I’m not one that listens to Christmas music year round, but I do enjoy it this time of year. I tend to like the classic songs, whether done traditionally or with a new modern twist, rather than the plethora of new songs that always come out from this and that artist.

Random but funny

Everytime either me or my wife gets out of the shower, our puppy runs in to lick the water off our legs and feet. Crazy dog........


I just started reading George Barna's book Revolution. I've gotten through two chapters so far and though they are just intro chapters, I'm enjoying what I'm reading so far and am looking forward to what is to come. I'll comment soon on the rest of the book.

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Mormons at the door

Mormon missionaries just came to my door. Honestly, I wanted to talk with them. But, I followed the advice of a guy that spoke at our church this summer and asked them to come back (this is to allow for preparation). I kinda felt like it was a cop out. Although, they didn't really seem to know what to say when I asked if they could come back cuz' now wasn't a good time. He just handed me a card with an 800 number on it. I offered them some water and they declined. I shook his hand and they left; I doubt I'll see them again. I am slightly dissappointed in myself though. I should have just talked to them right then and there. I guess all I can do now is pray for them, pray for another opportunity, and in the mean time get prepared.

Jeff & Denise's new baby!

Congrats to our good friends Jeff & Denise on the birth of their new child! Her name is Elianna Abigail and was born on Thanksgiving!

10 Things I'm Thankful For

In no particular order.

1. A great wife and marriage
2. My health; cancer free for over 9 years
3. A job
4. The opportunities to minister that God has given me
5. My new puppy
6. A loving family (Bowmans, Pearsons, & beyond)
7. The roof over my head, a warm bed, & plenty of food
8. That its snowing right now
9. All my friends (new & old)
10. Life itself!

Robert Webber has published this on his blog. It is still in the works and will be developed not only by theologians and scholars but by people like you and me. This could prove to be a very beneficial document for the Church. blog: Ancient-Future Talk: November 2005

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Goodbye Becky Lee

One of the unfortunate parts about living in a military town and having a lot of military friends is having to say goodbye more than usual.

Our friend Becky Lee is getting out of the service and has decided to return home to Iowa. She is one of those people who has a true servants heart and is always thinking of others over herself. She is really going to be missed here, but we all know that she is gonna keep doing gret things in the MidWest. As a matter of fact, one of her plans is to start up a kids ministry program similiar to one she was involved in here.

All of God's grace, power, and blessing to Becky!

Rachel's got a blog

Rachel (my wife) has finally got her blog setup! She chose to go with Xanga as her blogging program. It looks pretty nice, and I'm sure as she ets more into it, it'll only get better. Yay, we're a blogging family!

Thank You Starbucks

This morning was going kinda slow as I didn't get a lot of sleep, so I decided to swing by Starbucks on the way to work for a little caffene boost. I placed my order for a venti Christmas blend, and then Danielle the cashier says, "Oh, wait this is your FREE one! You can get whatever you want! Do you want something else?" YES!!! I opt for the venti Peppermint Mocha. So thanks Starbucks and Danielle for making my morning even better!

Million Dollar Baby

We watched Million Dollar Baby this weekend and it is a GREAT movie. Totally deserves the 4 academy awards. It was definitely NOT your typical underdog story and the ending was totally unexpected. The film was also artfully done, which I always enjoy, and left quite a bit for the imagination. A great story and excellent acting (Morgan Freeman is one of my favorite actors) all around.

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We Media

I caught a segment on NJN NewsHour called The Rise of Citizen Journalism. They discussed the shift in communication often called We Media. It was quite interesting. It’s obvious that the paradigm shift called post-modernism has spurred this change from centralized-top-down communication to decentralized-shared communication.

As a Christian and as someone involved in ministry, I have to wonder how, if at all, this will impact Christianity, the Church, and the ways in which the Church ministers. If you think about it, the way the Church has traditionally (or at least in the last few centuries) communicated has been through a top-down transmission. Preachers, teachers, denominational headquarters have "controlled" the information. Now this isn't necessarily all bad. There have been plenty of instances in both the chuch realm, just as in the news world, where "we media" went bad and credibility was lost.

But, with this shift in communication, is there comming a time when the idea of "we media" could be effectively used in ministry? I think so. You don't have to look very hard to see that it is already starting. Could churches let go of the model of top-down communication and embrace a form of shared learning. Could the church utilize the Internet, blogs, & message boards as tools for discipleship? Could we have small groups that aren't set up with one leader/teacher and the rest students, but rather are groups of shared leadership and shared learning?

I for one think that the Church could and should embrace this form of communication and learning, and develop ways to use it for effective ministry.

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Woohoo! We FINALLY got DSL at home! After the last failed attempt, I was a bit worried something would go wrong, but here I sit in the comfort of my own home, typing this while listening/watching Relevant TV. YAY!

In reading the Old Testament recently, one thing I have noticed is that the people where constantly setting up altars of worship wherever they were in order to facilitate their present-moment worship, but also as a way of reminding them of God’s action/intervention. I mean it seems like at every turn, so and so "built an altar".

Is this still common practice for us today? How do we "set up altars" for worship and for rememberance? If we do, are they purely mental altars or are they ever physical, tangible altars that help us to worship and cause us to remember?

I think that adopting this practice or even just making it more of a regular part of our life would benefit us as Christians greatly. When we are reminded of God's action in our life it is like a resfreshing drink to our soul. We often need this reminder of how God has been there for us, as we tend to quickly forget!

I love fall

I love the fall season. The crisp weather, the changing colors, it makes me feel good. But, man does it ever do a number on my sinuses! My head is so congested right now, but thankfully it will pass as soon as my body gets used to the weather change.

It really is something amazing how each year the trees go through the process of losing their leaves. The trees aren't dying, just changing. It kinda speaks to how in life, seasons change and we change as a result. Sometimes we shed "leaves" and are left bare for a while, but the spring time always comes and breathes new life into us. And sometimes the change itself is a beatiful thing; bright vibrant colors emerge from what may have become dull and boring.

I like fall and I look forward to sitting down with a nice hot cup of coffee or cider, wearing warm sweaters, poping decongestant like its candy. And I look forward to any changes that may be coming my way. I hope that I can embrace them and find beauty in them and know that though there may be a time of bareness, that spring will come soon.


Remains of third century church found, may be the oldest remains ever found in Israel

This is really cool.

National Geographic has pics posted here.

BIG Bonfire!

Last night I went to a bonfire with some friends out on a big farm. It was the BIGGEST bonfire I’ve ever seen!!!

See for yourself:

Nate and I played some music for worship. The crowd there was mainly young teens and for the most part didn’t seem to “get into” the worship. But, hopefully something sunk in.

One kid came up to me later and actually asked if we've ever played on the radio!?! Whoa!

A Will Ferrell Weekend

Rented Bewitched and Kicking & Screaming to watch this weekend.

Will Ferrell cracks me up! I wish he was still on SNL.

The Trinity Project

This is just an awesome idea and great example of God's love.

The guys from XXX Church (don't worry) are raising funds to help a girl get out of the porn industry for good and start a new life. They need to raise $14,000 so go give! Click on the title to check it out.

Rest in Peace - Pastor Wilhelm

I just came back from a funeral for a great man.  Walter Wilhelm was once the pastor at my church, and has since been a pastor to the senior group and a constant encourager to everyone he met.  He was a tremendous man of God and hearing all the stories and testimonies today only affirmed that.  When I was sick with cancer, and ever since, he has always expressed a sincere interest in how I was doing.  Since he himself had cancer, this was always especially encouraging to me.

Halloween at WalMart

We decided to be boring spoilsports last night and forego the Halloween activities.  Instead, we went to WalMart to do some grocery shopping.  Not my favorite thing to do, but we figured it’d be way less crowded than usual.  While we were there I noticed an unusual amount of young people (20’s).  Very interesting.  It was like all of a sudden WalMart was Target!  Was it just coincidence?  Or did it have something to do with younger couples not having kids so they don’t really care about Halloween?  Whatever it was, if anything, I thought it was interesting.  Not to mention, I’ve never had such a non-stressful time at WalMart.  Who would have known?