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Assemblies of God gets an RSS

For quite some time I've felt that the Assemblies of God (the denomination I am a part of) has one of the best web sites when it comes to a denomination. Now they have made it even better by adding an rss feed for their news headlines! Way to keep up with technology AG, next I'd like to see a blog by Thomas Trask (the big cheese, general superintendent)!

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David Crowder Band: A Collision

Just downloaded the above CD.  I'm only about half way through its 23 tracks, but it is a really good record.  Very creative and diverse. 

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March on penguins

Watched March of the Penguins with our friends G & Anita tonight. I've heard a little about this film, but didn't really know what to expect. Simply put, I thought it was amazingly fascinating. How those crazy birds acted really blew my mind. Some voice overs would have made it incredibly funny (I know it wasn't meant to be a comedy, but there were a couple of scenes that could have been hilarious).

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Movie: Chronicles of Narnia

Walt Disney Pictures' The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Me and Rachel finally saw The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe tonight.  Wow!!!  What a great movie.  Absolutely beautiful symbolism.  As Christians, we could definitely see the influence that the Gospel had on this epic story.  We are curious though, as to how someone who may not be familiar with the Gospel story might interpret it.  I do hope that, if anything, more people will be turned on to C.S. Lewis' other works.  If you haven't yet, go see this movie.
One of my favorite lines: "After all, he's not tame.  But he is good."

Old pictures

I had some old film that we had lying around developed today. We had no idea what the pictures were going to be. They turned out to mostly be pictures from college (graduated in 2003). Here's some of my favorites of the bunch:

Me at my college job. I worked in one of the campus cafe's. I became quite the master of the grill.
Snow at the campus.
Our friend Malorie acting crazy!
A banana tree??
Me & Rachel. I didn't regularly cut my hair in college.
The crew (Rachel probably took this pic since she's not in it).

Fun times.

Found this report on the Top 50 Most Influential Christians in America.  Most of the people were not too much of a surprise.  Some names made me think "ehh" while some others I was glad to see and still others who I have never even heard of.  Interesting pick for #50 though!


Rachel posted some cute pictures on her blog showing how much our puppy has grown in the few months  we've had him.  Zeke is so cool!

My Space

I have caved into cultural peer pressure and signed up for a account.  I only plan to use it to connect with friends and have no interest in becoming a myspace junky like so many people have.  But, nonetheless here's my Myspace

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Movie: Crash

Last night, my brother and his girlfriend came over and we watched the movie CrashI actually had not even heard of the movie, so I had no idea what to expect.  Well, it is an amazing film that is full of top notch actors.  It dives head first into the gritty reality of racism while exploring the idea that our lives are interconnected and that the actions we choose can have a profound impact on others, even complete strangers.  The story line not once became boring or too drawn out and the interwoven stories never seemed forced or unrealistic.  Definitely a movie worth seeing (beware of harsh language though).
The website is also worth a visit and the section Experience the Film complements the films message well.
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That's My King!

This morning at worship we watched this video from Igniter Videos.

Man it is an awesome and inspiring video!  If you need a little reminder of just who THE KING is then check this out.

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Cool music

Just heard this group on Saturday morning tv.  Opera put to rock music!  Pretty cool.
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Week of Prayer Poster

This week our church had its annual week of prayer.   During this week, there is a one hour prayer time in the church sanctuary.  Each night there is a different prayer focus and the time ends with people being anointed with oil.  I haven't made it out to every night, but the times that I have been able to join have been great.  It may seem like an hour of prayer is quite a lot, but every time its been hard to get up and go home. 
Prayer is one of those mystical things.  It's complex, yet extremely simple.  It's essential to Christian faith, yet it is one area in which the majority of Christians struggle. 
It is no wonder that all of the great Christians throughout history spent countless hours in prayer.  And we read over and over again the emphasis on praying in the Bible (see), and especially in the letters of the New Testament (see).  To pray is to connect with God, to converse with Him.  And as we pray we are changed ("To pray is to change." - Richard Foster).  I can only imagine the amazing things that would happen if the people of God would become a people of prayer!  I can only imagine what would happen if I where to become a person of prayer! (Yes, I too struggle in this part of my faith) 
If anyone reads this, I encourage you, pray.  Talk to God, listen to Him.  It really is simple and He is eagerly awaiting for the conversation to begin.
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Praise God!  Our church has voted yes to purchase a large building down the road that will become a community center, complete with a gym, coffee shop, counseling space, after school programs, and probably lots more!  What an exciting opportunity!  

One thing I especially like about this project is that it is not just a center for the church, it really is going to be a community center.  We hope to partner with different organizations like the YMCA and offer different things that will benefit the community at large.  

Random weekend post

Well the weekend is here. It's already pretty full too.
Today: Just got back from a men's breakfast at church where my dad and I gave a little testimony and we ate some deliciously greasy food. This afternoon I'm gonna try to work on some around the house stuff (paint the porch swing I got Rachel for Christmas, rake some leaves, clean the house), later I'm gonna spend some time uploading some pics to the Young Adult photo album (which I have neglected to do in sometime), then tonite we are having a special business meeting at church to vote on whether or not we proceed with purchasing a piece of property down the road and turn it into a community center. Here's a pic:

I'd also like to get some reading done. I've recently started two books, Brennan Mannings The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus and Stephen Macchia's Becoming a Healthy Disciple, both good reads so far.

Well, that's my weekend so far, hope yours is great!


Scrubs was back on TV tonite!  A full hour of laughs. 
Not only is it a hilarious show, but it is a great commentary on the importance of friendships and there is almost always a "message" or "moral of the story" which I think sets it apart from just your typical sitcom.
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New look

Decided to give my blog a little face lift.  What do ya think? 

Happy New Year

Welcome 2006!
I usually try to make some resolutions each new year, however following through with them doesn't always go so well.  So, I figured I'd put my resolutions here, perhaps it'll keep me more accountable since I tend to be "out of sight out of mind."
So here's my resolutions for the coming year in no particular order, though some are of more importance to me than others:
start eating organic food, plant a garden to grow my own veggies, manage our finances better, eliminate procrastination from my life, exercise more regularly, write more music, practice music more, read the entire Bible, spend more time in focused prayer, start recycling, love God & people more, worship God more.
A plan always helps too so:
there is an organic food store around the corner that will make starting to eat organic easier, found this to help nix procrastination, this to help in the Bible reading dept., and there is a recycling center down the road.  I guess the other resolutions are pretty much dependant on my own discipline.
In addition to all these, the sermon at church this morning was titled "The Resolution of Resoultions" and was about the greatest resolution that we can make amidst all the "lose weight", "exercise more" annual promises.  The resolution was to grant God greater access to our hearts.  Sounds like a good resolution to me! 
On another note, at church this morning, as we were singing some songs proclaiming God's holiness, the thought came to me, and I'm not sure if it was from my own mind or if God was indeed impressing this on me, that God wants this new year to be one when the Church is made holy.  Not sure what it means exactly or if it is meant for just our particular church or the whole Church (though for the Church to be Holy is ALWAYS God's desire), but it is something that came to my mind as we sang and as I looked across the room at God's people. 
A New Year Prayer
God, thank you for 2005.  Thank you for being with us through many hard times and for blessing us in ways we may not have even noticed.  Thank you now for the beginning of a new year.  Help us to recognize each new day as a gift from you.  Each new day that you decide to make the sun rise, I pray that you would have full reign over my life and over the lives of those who follow you.  Let this be a year of great breakthroughs, revivals, and the pouring out of your Spirit on the world.  Help us to focus our eyes and our hearts on You!  I ask for your blessing on this new year and on each new day that you give.
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