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New Relevant

While at home for lunch today, I was given a wonderful gift by the mail man....the latest issue of Relevant Magazine!!  Woohoo!  I love Relevant Magazine.  I wanted to just call in to work, take the rest of the day off and stay home and read it.  Can't wait till I get home!
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The Benchwarmers

Last night we spent some time with the Herrera's and went to see The Benchwarmers.  Although it was odd to see Rob Schneider play a normal person, it was a pretty good movie with a good message.  Heder was funny in his Napolean-esque character and Spade was also good in his role.  I actually think I laughed throughout the entire movie.  I'd say go see it if you want a lighhearted comedy with a nice message.
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Earth Day

Today for Earth Day a group of us from church joined up with the Kent County Parks & Recreation to help clean up the new Hunn Recreation Area (which happens to be located right behind the future home of the community center our church is putting together).
  Map of Hunn Recreation Area
Thank God the rain held off just long enough for us to get some work done.  We ended up picking up trash on what is thought to be the spot of a "free slave community" located on the property of the Hunn family, who was instrumental in the underground railroad.
Jeff, Garrick, Andy, and I spent for what seemed like most of the time picking up old asbestos shingles.
It was a good time and we got an interesting history lesson to boot.
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  Just had a good lunch with my friend Chris at the newest restaraunt in town, Buffalo Wild Wings.  Food was pretty good, service was a bit slow, but it was great to catch up with a friend.
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I absolutely can not wait for this!  I have been enjoying Enter the Worship Circle for several years now and this will be the first time I've experienced them live. 

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Reckless Confidence

I read this the other night:
"My friends, one thing that I have learned over the past twenty-eight years is this: the Jesus of my journey will never say to me, "Brennan, you were too reckless, you confided in Me too much, you trusted beyond reasonable limits, you hoped too much of Me.  You should have only played with My word, 'Have confidence in Me,' rather than foolishly acting it out."  No - the Christ of my life would never say that."
When I read these words from Brennan Manning's The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus,  they hit me hard and went deep into my soul.  We can't trust Jesus enough!  We can't have too much confidence in Him.  So let go! 


Today's scripture from Bible Gateway's Scripture of the Day

Romans 13:6-7

“ This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants, who give their full time to governing. Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.”

Coincidence?  I think not.

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Delaware and blogging

Apparently the blogging phenomenom has even hit my relatively culture-less medium sized city, according to an article in yesterday's Dover Post (article not on-line yet). 
The article was ok.  Not very in depth, and the author felt the odd need to express their personal opinion of Michelle Malkin's blog (which was not favorable).  A majority of the article was a listing of local blogs, which unfortunately primarily consisted of political commentary blogs (dime a dozen in my opinion).  Apparently, the author is unaware of tools such as Technorati, otherwise they could have done a quick search listing blogs about Delaware, blogs tagged Delaware, or even blogs with just the mention of Delaware.
Anyhow, I thought it was interesting that blogging was getting press in our little town. 

Monster phone bill!

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - A Malaysian man said he nearly fainted when he recieved a $218 trillion phone bill and was ordered to pay up within 10 days or face prosecution, a newspaper reported Monday. (more)
Ha, I'd hate to be this guy, but then again that's quite a story to have at party's!

Faith & Film: Cinderella Man

Last night we had the first, of hopefully many, faith & film nights.  The basic idea is to get together, watch a film (preferably something with some depth), and discuss how it relates to the Christian faith. 
First up, Cinderella Man.  This is a true story of depression era boxer Jim Braddock, his fall into poverty and his triumphant rise to the top. 
The movie was long (we had to take a brief intermission) but didn't drag so the length wasn't a major issue.
As far as inspirational stories go, this was an excellent one.  We all couldn't help but cheer Braddock on, especially in his title fight, with a man who had previously killed 2 of his opponents in the ring, which lasted all 15 rounds. 
The story touches on issues like poverty, integrity, determination, perseverance, family, and love.  The Great Depression was a tragic time, but it served as the perfect backdrop to this underdog story.
In our discussion afterwards, we noticed the similarities between Braddock's story and those of Job and Joseph.
We also discussed the large gap between the rich and the poor, as well as the facade that some people put up so others would not realize that the depression had hit them too.  It was mentioned how there is still a large gap between the rich and poor, however, it is now spread out and can become very easy to look past although it is there, sometimes right next door. 
So, overall it was a good movie, good discussion, and a good time with friends.  Looking forward to the next one.
Any movie suggestions?
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Congrats to the Boyers

Yesterday our friends out in Ohio (we miss em') had their first child! 
Welcome to the world Blake Alan Boyer and congrats Scott & Tracy!

Good audio link

Here is an excellent talk by Dallas Willard that I listened to last night while I did a little cleaning.  Dallas Willard is right on!


Rachel and I did some pilates last night.  Man that stuff is hard!  I'd like to eventually do pilates twice a week and running twice a week.  We'll see.
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Weekend wrap up

This weekend was pretty busy. 
Friday night we went bowling with Rachel's co-workers.  It was pretty fun.  One funny thing I noticed about bowling is how awkward the walkback is.  You know after you bowl and then you turn around to everyone looking at you.  It's quite uncomfortable, you either do some sorta crazy thing or say something funny or just quickly walk back to your seat while attempting to not make direct eye contact.  Anyway, it was a fun night.
Saturday, Zeke actually let us sleep in!  After a little breakfast, we went over to the community center to help get all ready for the open house on Sunday.  It was a beautiful day so later on we took Zeke for a walk in Brecknock Park
Since it was a busy day and Sunday was going to be just as crazy, we decided to rent a movie and stay at home for the rest of the night.  We got North Country, the movie about the women working in a coal mine despite hard core sexual harassment.  It was ok, not a great movie, a good story (it was based on a true story), but was kinda lacking as a movie in my opinion. 
Sunday, we had to get going a little earlier than usual to get ready for the community center open house that was to take place in between worship services.  We had a great turnout and people were totally amazed at the size and potenial of the building.  We got to slip in and hear most of the sermon and it was great.  He talked about all the ways in which our church is touching the community.  It's always awesome to hear the real stories of how people are being touched through this church and I look forward to this next huge step with the community center! 
Sunday night we had a young adult worship gathering.  We haven't had one in quite a while, but it went really well I thought.  The crowd was kinda small but we had a good time of worship, fellowship, and learning from the Word. 
Now the weekend is over and a new week has begun.  The next few weeks are going to be absolutely crazy as I get ready for Easter.  I'm in charge of the follow-up / discipleship of people who make a commitment to Christ at our Easter play.  But, I know that God is with me and He will provide me with what I need to do this important work. 
To anyone that reads this have a great week and put God first!
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Plane crash right down the road

 My co-workers told me about this when I got to work this morning.  I work right down the road from the base and many of the people that attend our church are Air Force.  Thankfully though it appears that no one was killed (though it hasn't been made official yet).

Giant C-5 military jet crashes in Delaware

An Air Force C-5 cargo jet carrying 17 people crashed and broke into pieces today while trying to make an emergency landing at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, officials said. The crew declared an emergency and came down short of the runway, officials said. Some people were taken to hospitals with injuries, officials told The Associated Press

Giant C-5 military jet crashes in Delaware
Aerial view of the C-5, which crashed Monday at around 6:30 a.m. (Photo: WBOC Chopper 16)
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