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It's so humid in my office right now that when I crumple a piece of paper it doesn't make the usual hard crumple sound.  It just kinda smooshes.   

The New World

Last night we watched (or started to watch) The New World, starring Colin Farrell.  Wow, it was boring!  So boring that we turned it off before it was over.  I haven't done that to a movie in quite a while.  It didn't have a strong plot to follow and was very choppy, almost like they were trying to make it artsy but failed. 
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It's Official

Last night, the church board made the final approval for me to come on staff in a ministerial role!  My main task / role - championing the work of spiritual formation in our congregation.  No title yet, but like they say - you don't need a title to be a leader.  Now I just need to find a replacement for my current position (bookkeeper).  Praise God!
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A Friend Lost

On Friday morning, Alan O'day, a friend to many in our church, passed away after he suffered a heart attack on Wednesday evening.  Alan was a major part of the Creative Arts Ministry at our church and was passionate about making our theater the best that it can be.  I know that many are going to mourn this loss, especially since it was so sudden. 
I found these words by Charles Wesley in the beginning of Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline.  May they bless those who mourn:
If Death my friend and me divide,
thou dost not, Lord, my sorrow chide,
or frown my tears to see;
restrained from passionate excess,
thou bidst me mourn in calm distress
for them that rest in thee.
I feel a strong immortal hope,
which bears my mournful spirit up
beneath its mountain load;
redeemed from death, and grief, and pain,
I soon shall find my friend again
within the arms of God.
Pass a few fleeting moments more
and death the blessing shall restore
which death has snatched away;
for me thou wilt the summons send,
and give me back my parted friend
in that eternal day.

52 Years

That's how long the church I'm a part of has been used by God in our community.  This past Sunday we celebrated with an awesome time of giving God all the praise and credit and thanks for what He's done in and through us.  It's really an awesome thing to be a part of a church that has and is being used by God to do great things.  I look forward to the many great things to come! 

Duel Like Real Men!

Hilarious videos over at
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Working on a New Site

Ok, so I decided to go with Wordpress as the application to use for this site I'm working on.  The idea is for it to be a resource site for Christian discipleship.  The main "audience" is the church I'm a part of, but its also open to the public.  Now I need to think of a domain name.  Any ideas?  So far I've got:

$1 a day, Could You Do It?

A guy by the name of Craig Borlase is living on a dollar a day for seven days in hopes of raising awareness of global poverty. 
Could you do it?  It sure doesn't sound easy, but according to his website one in five people do everyday!

3rd Anniversary

Yesterday was our (Rachel & Me) 3rd wedding anniversary! 
We both took the day off of work and went down to the beach for most of the day.  It was chilly and very windy, but a nice get away.  There is something about the beach, especially an empty one, that is totally relaxing.  We'd love to move to the beach when we retire (let's see only 40 some years to go!).
Happy Anniversary sweety, I love you!

Video Power Talk

Thanks to the Relevant Podcast for this HILARIOUS video clip:
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Da Vinci Revealed

Last night at church we watched the DVD "The Da Vinci Code Revealed" put together by a group called the Watchman Fellowship. 
When I first heard about it, I was a little skeptical since some of the stuff they have produced has been somewhat cheesy, yet I was still interested in seeing what they had to say.  Well, I was quite impressed!  The DVD was very well put together and not at all cheesy.  It was heavy on the intellectual side, which I enjoyed although others seemed to be confused by, and featured a wide variety of scholars. 
The approach was basically debunking 3 of the major allegations that the book / movie makes against Christianity, from a scholars point of view.  I would recommend it for anyone that is having difficulty understanding that what the Da Vinci Code says and claims is false and does not line up with Christian thought and belief.
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