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Book Meme

I have been tagged with a book meme by fellow DE blogger Mike Mahaffie.  So here goes. 
One book.......
that changed your life:
that you've read more than once:
that you'd want on a desert island:
that made you laugh:
that made you cry:
  Hmmm.  I'll come back to this one.
that you wish had been written:
  How to be a genius without trying.  I don't know though cuz then all the fun in learning new things     would go away, so never mind that one.  I guess if I could think of a book that should be written, I would write it!
that you wish hadn't been written:
you're currently reading:
that you've been meaning to read:
TAG!  Your turn!
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This past Saturday, we returned from a week of vacationing down in Lewes, DE.  It was a great week and we got a lot of relaxing accomplished!  We spent our time sitting on the beach at Cape Henlopen, outlet shopping in Rehoboth, taking Zeke to the bay (he loved the water!) , taking naps on the porch, reading (I brought along Donald Millers first book Through Painted Deserts and got several chapters in and I really enjoyed it and look forward to finishing it), taking walks through the neighborhood where we were staying and looking at all of the "gigantico" houses (if these are peoples summer homes, what do their normal houses look like!?), went to see Talladega Nights (hilarious), and watching cable tv (which was nice considering we currently only have 2 channels at home). 
On Friday night we tried to go on a nice dinner date which ended up being quite comical.  It started out with the plan to check out a place called Harpoon Hannah's down in Fenwick.  Well, for starters, I forgot how far Fenwick is from Lewes and we ended up driving another 45 minutes!  When we got there we could see that it was busy, but we got in line anyhow.  As we stood in line to put our names in, we heard a guy saying that what happens is that you give them your name, then they call you back in 10-15 minutes, then give a wait time (which was already 1 hour when he was saying this).  So needless to say, we were hungry and didn't feel like waiting so long, so we decided to leave and try to find something else.  So, we're driving down the main strip heading towards Ocean City and see a place on the other side of the road that looks like it might be good, so we turn around to check it out.  We go in, put our names in, grab a menu and have a seat outside.  I start taking a look at the menu and it's nothing but pizza and pasta (even though the sign outside said fresh seafood) so we decide to take our names off the list and continue searching.  Driving further south into O.C., we're getting hungry and desperate at this point, we see a place that appears to be half way decent so we pull into JR's.  We get seated instantly (is this not a good sign for a Friday night when everywhere else we've gone has a wait?) , crack open the menu and the selection is sparse.  Since I'm in the mood for seafood, I go for the stuffed flounder, Rachel goes for the pork chops.  Well, let me say this, when the food came we were both regretting leaving Harpoon Hannah's!  The food was horrible.  The "imperial sauce" on my fish looked like an old fried egg and Rachels pork chops didn't even taste like pork and her baked potato with cheese had cheese whiz on it!  So after forcing ourselves to eat about half of each of our meals, we asked for the check (which was not cheap!) and left, giving the place the nickname "Denny's cousin" (actually Denny's probably would have been better! 
So, one night of crappy food aside, we had a great vacation and were really able to do some serious relaxing.  Now it's back to real life, not that its bad, but its always a little bit of a struggle to return to work and daily responsibility after a week of none.  I don't care what most Americans are doing when it comes to vacation , I can't wait till next year!

Blogger Beta!

Blogger has made some updates and from the looks of it, they seem to be very useful ones (categories, drag & drop template design, more rss feeds, etc.).  Can't wait until they release it to everyone.  This may put blogger in the lead for best (or at least most user friendly) blogging software.
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Special Investigation

A friend of mine is trying to get into the intelligence area of the Air Force, therefore he has to undergo an extensive background check.  Part of the background check is having personal references that are interviewed by a special investigator and today was my day!  It was short but kinda interesting.  The questions ranged from generic to more national security-ish.  The guy was also doing that thing of asking the same question twice but in a slightly different way in order to see if you are making something up.  I can't stand that, cuz I am aware that they are doing it so I feel like I better answer right otherwise I'm a liar!  Anyhow, I guess that was my brief encounter with the intriguing world of spies, intelligence, and special investigators.