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Yup, today I move one step closer to 30 and one step further from 20.  One year closer to my 10 year high school reunion (2008) and one year closer to who knows what.
In these brief 25 years I've experienced quite a bit.  I've become a husband, started my work in ministry, graduated college, had way too many crappy jobs, survived high school and the teenage years, fought cancer, experienced births and deaths (love you Grandad), taught myself to play guitar, played numerous sports, and found the true purpose of life - to live it with God at the center by allowing Jesus to be my Lord and Friend.  Yeah, I've experienced a few things, but it's really only begun, but I better not sit around because the next 25 years (Lord willing) will most likely fly by even faster! 
I have hardly a clue of what year 26 will bring, but here we go!

9-11 Reflections

I can't believe that it has been 5 years since that awful day. I still remember it quite well actually. I remember it was my first year as a transfer student at Eastern University and the semester had only recently begun. My classes didn't start until later in the day, so I was still asleep when the planes hit. I remember getting a panicked phone call and then rushing to the tv. Like probably everyone, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it seemed like a scene out of a movie. Classes were obviously cancelled for the rest of the day and the whole campus was glued to the tv, trying to find out what in the world had happened. Being a Christian school, impromtu prayer services were quickly organized. The one I remember most vividly was held on the baseball field. Students and teachers forming a giant circle as we prayed together. In the days to follow I remember groups of students eager to help in any way we could, many of us trying to go to NYC to help on the frontline. We were told though, that we could serve better by simply giving blood, so we did. Fifteen passenger vans loaded with students went to the nearest donation site. I remember getting there and finding that we weren't the only ones wanting to help. Tons of people were waiting in line to give what they could. I wasn't able to give due to past illness, but many others did. The feeling of shock and confusion lingered on campus for quite a while. One distinct memory came several months later when U2 performed at the SuperBowl halftime show. In my opinion, their song "Walk On" became the anthem to this tragedy. Here is the video of that moving tribute .

Truly, September 11, 2001 has become an unforgettable moment in history. May we never forget the lives that were lost and the sobering truth that life is so, so fragile and valuable.

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First Sermon

It's been kind of a busy week, cuz I've been writing and prepping for my first real sermon.  It'll all go down this Sunday night.  I feel pretty good about it but, I'm sure I'll be nervous as anything come that night.  I'm gonna have it recorded and try to upload it later on and I'll post the notes over at
UPDATE:  It went great!  Looking forward to the next opportunity. You can listen here
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Free Markey Education

Schools Just watched a news special on 20/20 called "Stupid in America".  It was about the many problems in America's public school system.  Now, I'm no expert but I think that I have to agree with the idea that some healthy competition between schools (along with vouchers for students) would get us moving in the right direction. 
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Check This Out

let your inner artist come alive!
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