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Stranger Than Fiction

Last night, we saw the new Will Ferrell movie Stanger Than Fiction.  It wasn't exactly what I expected (the standard Will Ferrell comedy), but I ended up really enjoying it.  It seems that Will is working on breaking the stereotype that he only does one type of role.  This was a really good movie that had a good blend of comedy & drama and it makes you think a little.  I definitely recommend seeing it.

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I started training for a 5k this morning.  Well sort of.  Rachel and I have been wanting to get into running for exercise for quite some time, and now we've finally started.  She downloaded a podcast called "From couch to 5k in 9 weeks", and today was the first day for me.  It actually wasn't bad, getting out of bed and going out to the cold garage where our treadmill is was the hardest part.  So, we'll see, in 9 weeks we should both be gearing up for a 5k! 

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